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It's official, Dell to ship Ubuntu loaded PCs this month

Rumblings and rumors surrounding pre-installed Ubuntu on Dell machines have been flying over the last few days, and it looks like the rumors are true. According to Desktop-Linux, Dell will begin shipping systems with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, and -- finally -- without Windows (or the cost of a Windows license).

Ubuntu senior support engineer Fabian Rodriguez wrote, "Many people have been involved in this and I can only say I am excited to be a tiny small part of it: Ubuntu will be officially supported on Dell computers. Any other details will come on, check it for the official press release, but we can now all put the matter to rest and go about our normal lives - or can we?"

If you're reading this while brushing your teeth and preparing to head in to work at Microsoft, you might want to call in sick; We can't imagine it's going to be a very upbeat day around the campus. Hey, cheer up! Ubuntu is hiring, and spending the afternoon at the movies might give you a chance to clear your head.

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