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Google homepage is now iGoogle

If you thought slapping a lowercase "i" on a product and calling it a day was a thing of the distant past; Think again. Google's Personalized Homepage is now iGoogle. At least now we know what the "ig" stands for in the Personalized Homepage iGoogle URL.

Seven new gadgets are on tap to back up the baby green "i", along with a taste of some social features and the promise of a new Gadget "wizard" to come. Included in the seven new gadgets are Daily Me (cough, Twitter, cough), Simple List (a to-do list Gadget) and five others of descending usefulness; Bringing Google Personalized Homepage iGoogle within a country mile of the feature set that's been available at Netvibes for ages. Forgive us if we don't throw a congratulation party in Google's honor.

The Gadget wizard, which is yet to be released, is the only promising piece of iGoogle's new digs. Too bad it's not available for a test drive. When launched, the gadget wizard will allow users to build Gadgets of their own, although apparently without any advanced coding or ability to do much that we'd classify as interesting.

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