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T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 update leaked

WM6 dashCan't wait for T-Mobile to offer its official Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the Dash smartphone? Better hit up those torrent trackers, because it looks like the ROM upgrade has been unofficially released to the wild.

The update includes all the Windows Mobile 6 goodies you'd expect, plus a couple of new surprises, including a Music Plug-In that lets you add a music player to your home screen, a new email setup program.

The upgrade takes about 10 minutes to complete. But again, we'll point out that the official release should be coming within the next week or two. So if you can hold out a few days, you're probably better off waiting for the supported upgrade, you know, in case you accidentally turn your PDA into a brick installing this update and void your warranty in the process. If your warranty is already expired, have fun!

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