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Supreme Court offers a tad bit of patent relief

Ask any tech company and they'll tell you, skull-whacking obvious patents are a giant pain in the posterior. Patents were designed to give real innovators an opportunity to profit from their inventions, but have in recent years become a profit center for many patent portfolio holding robber barons hell-bent on profiting from the work of others.

Not so fast there patent Pete.. The Supremes stood in chorus today and belted out a tune to many a tech startup's ear. In today's ruling, the court said that tests used by the Federal Circuit court of Appeals -- the bench responsible for straightening out patent messes -- aren't strong enough. Putting a stronger emphasis on the test of whether a "person having ordinary skill in the art" would find the patented idea an obvious leap or an extraordinary one. It's hard to say yet how much of an impact this ruling will have on the tech sector but, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

We think it's high time for a patent party in the streets. Who's got the booze?

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