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OLPC could run Windows?

OLPC Opera
One Laptop Per Child founder Nicholas Negroponte revelaed this week that the $100 laptop will actually run about $175 -- and that it might be able to run Windows, not just Sugar OS, its customized version Linux.

While Sugar OS is designed to make the machines as user-friendly as possible, Negroponte says developers have been working with Microsoft to ensure that the machines could also run Windows, possibly the $3 version of Windows XP that Microsoft recently announced it would sell to governments of developing nations.

As for the price, it'll take about 3 million orders to make producing and distributing the little computers cost effective. 7 countries have expressed interest in placing orders, but no money has changed hands yet. Negroponte says the $100 figure was always a long term goal, and he hopes to reduce the price by 25 percent per year once production begins.

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