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Vbuzzer, new competition for the telephone?

vbuzzer voipBye bye Mr Telephone company, the future is arriving quickly with plenty of VOiP providers in the landscape, including a new buzzing sound. (although your Vonage phone may face a lack of dialtone soon)

High quality phone calls are what every international caller wants. No pops, cracks or wizzles. VOiP providers have achieved this quite nicely, including Vbuzzer. Upon downloading the Vbuzzer application it closely resembles an instant messaging application, but that's not all it does. The free service allows users to make free phone calls, send text messages and files. Calls can be placed through the application, or to traditional telephones for a small fee.

Vbuzzer is currently only available for PC users. Although Skype is much more user friendly, and at the top of everyone's list, Vbuzzer could still be a small contender. If anyone uses Vbuzzer regularly to make calls to landlines or mobiles, let us all know how it works and your thoughts.

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