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Microsoft to offer $3 version of Windows

Microsoft will be announcing plans later today to offer a bargain basement $3 version of Windows as well as Office 2007 exclusively to people in developing countries as part of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program. The program aims to double the amount of worldwide PC users by 2015 and thinks one of the keys to doing that is cheap software.

Countries like Brazil, Nigeria, and Argentina have turned to using Linux systems presumably for their free price tag. By offering XP Starter Edition (What? They couldn't spring for Vista?) and Office 2007 in a $3 bundle they hope to get people hooked on Microsoft products and gain long-term users. The software will be given to countries governments where it can then be distributed to schools as well as individuals within the country. There are also plans to offer the discounted software to low-income areas in the US as well as other nations. Malaysia and Thailand were previously offered a similar bundle for $30.

Even with the huge price cut on Windows, basic machines with the bundle are estimated to cost around $300 according the NY Times which is still a decent chunk of change.

[Via Personal Computer World]

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