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Rolling Stone to launch Social Network

The world needs another social networking site and Rolling Stone is just the publication to give it to them.

In a speech given to NYU journalism students (We can't think of a more appropriate place to make a huge business related announcement), Kevin Blanchard the executive director for online media for Rolling Stone broke the news that Rolling Stone plans on launching a MySpace-esque social network. The social network will be separate from Rolling Stone's main page and will have "best of" lists integrated into its design for users to vote on.

One budding journalist Andrea Feczko broke the news on one of her class websites, and her professor started tipping blogs of the news shortly there after. One interesting point she brings up is that the 30+ Rolling Stone audience isn't exactly the same as the typical young adult social networking demographic.

Do you think a Rolling Stone social network will succeed?

[Via TechCrunch]

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