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MySpace blocks Photobucket videos

MySpace VideoMySpace yesterday blocked its users from posting videos hosted on Photobucket on their profiles. This means that thousands of videos that had already been posted are no longer available.

Users upload 50,000 videos a day to Photobucket, which is already one of the internet's largest photo hosting services. Photos hosted with Photobucket can still be posted on MySpace.

On the one hand, MySpace is going to tick off thousands of users that have uploaded videos from Photobucket. On the other hand, MySpace says Photbucket violated its terms of service, by running ad-sponsored slideshows which were showing up on MySpace.

This is also a reminder to anyone who posts embedded video or pictures from other sources on their blogs, MySpace pages, or any service. If you really want to make sure your data will remain visible, host your own website. Otherwise, you always run the risk that some of your content will be removed or blocked by a third party.

[via Scobleizer]

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