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Google accidentally disabled Gmail accounts

gmail accounts disabledWhat would you do if you woke up one morning to check your email, and for some reason you can't login? It seems as though Google has recently done the unthinkable, deleted some Gmail accounts.

Google came across spammers who setup accounts at Gmail, and began to actively monitor and investigate them. Through the process, a number of legit Google accounts were accidentally disabled.

Google is working on restoring the accounts, but it looks like several which have been re-enabled do not link properly to email attachments. Some people have even been locked out of important information they had stored in their Gmail accounts, and out of their Google Accounts that control blogs, Docs and even AdSense for seven days so far.

This new development is surely going to make people think twice about the extreme side effects that can come with storing information online. We just rarely assume it could happen with Google.

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