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JotSpot open for business soon?

jotspot opening soon?Google acquired JotSpot, the hosted wiki development company, last October, and integration has been a slow process. It initially took a few months to get JotSpot Version 2.9 up and running and integrated with Google systems and released back to those that already had an account, but there has been no news on when it will be publicly available. The last Jot blog entry went over a few changes that they had made up until January 12th of 2007, and said that Version 2.9 was the last JotSpot version produced before migrating.

However, there has recently been news leaked about some new JotSpot help files hosted on, as well as a new JotSpot group in Google Groups. Could these only be for old Jot users? They don't appear to be linked from anywhere in the current JotSpot version, so they could hold some hope for a new release soon.

What will the new version of JotSpot contain? It could be the perfect location for the rumored GDrive where all of Google's applications, and user's documents could be centrally stored and archived. Only time will tell. But what we do know is that whatever JotSpot is released as, it is expected to be a free service with for-pay upgrades and add-ons.

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