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Read stories on your mobile device with Wattpad

stories on mobile devices with wattpadIt's great to read emails, short RSS headlines, and instant messages on your mobile device, but what about reading novels? Has that just pushed the line?

Wattpad has introduced a mobile client that gets novels, like proper novels, onto mobile devices in text form. When users have the client installed on their devices, it makes it possible to download additional stories and read them offline. They might be a little eye straining on smaller devices, but I would imagine that when viewed on Blackberry's or Windows Mobile device it could be tolerable.

The application is a free download, either through a mobile website, or through a download link that you can load onto your device. There is a huge list of books available on the site with user comments and number of people that have read it through Wattpad. The books are surprisingly free with full text versions available online. So if your mobile screen gets a little small you can always just read it online, or print it off.

[via GigaOM]

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