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Create websites easily with Jimdo

create websites with jimdo

If making websites just isn't your thing, why not let Jimdo help.

Jimdo is an easy to use web page creation service. Users simply sign in and create a free account, incorporating pictures from Flickr, text, and videos from YouTube in a Jimdo page.

Elements on webpages can be changed with a single click, and there are no page limits. Users can totally customize pages, from background colors, to layout styles, colors and navigation. Everything is so easy to use, it's a joy. The most computer illiterate individual should get a grasp quite quickly as to whets going on, enabling them to build their own custom websites within no time.

There are a few Jimdo plans, a free one that gives users sites under the domain and 500 MB of space, and another plan for 5 Euros/month that allows users to grab their own domain name to use with 5GB of space.

[via webware]

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