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10 Online TV guides compared

online tv guidesAs the lines between the traditional TV world slowly get blurred, and we start phasing out the need for printed materials, where can we turn to in order to get our beloved television listings?

There are many great services out there that offer show times, channels, and content breakdowns, but how do we know which one is the best to turn to? ReadWriteWeb has published a comparison of the top 10 online television guides. They rank them all compared on Design, Content, Extras, and sum each one up with a nice conclusion and screenshot.

The services ReadWriteWeb compares are:
  • AOL Television
  • Couchville
  • IMDb TV
  • MeeVee
  • TitanTV
  • TV Guide
  • TVplanner
  • Yahoo! TV
  • Zap2It
AOL's Television service ranked out on top from the comparision. What service do DLS readers prefer?

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