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Task tracking with HiTask

hitask gets stuff done with a little fun?

HiTask is an online based task management tool that collects tasks, groups them and applies colored tags so users can easily review them. The HiTask interface is built with an easy to use drag and drop calendar to schedule items and reshuffle or prioritize them as needed. Tasks can also be rearranged in groups or projects for added organization.

The scheduling of meetings, reminders or notes can be setup by dragging and dropping their instance onto a calendar and dragging instances down based on how much time is required. Colors can be assigned to tasks to highlight important tasks or categorize them. HiTask can also be used in a team environment by inviting members and easily assigning those tasks by dragging them onto the individual's name.

The interface is very clean, and it's simple to use, there is no learning curve here that's for sure, and the drag and drop feature makes it easy to organize. Now, is it fun? I wouldn't call it fun, but it is pleasant to use. If the free plan isnt enough for you, there is also a Premium account available for $12 U.S. per year that allows for unlimited everything.

[via mashable]

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