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Google opens YouTube TestTube

youtube testtube Its time to start mixing things up and experimenting in YouTube land. Google has officially opened the TestTube where engineers and developers can test recipes and concoctions for new YouTube initiatives.

The TestTube incubator welcomes all user feedback on new services that get cooked up in the lab, with the first two being AudioSwap and Streams.

AudioSwap hooks up music for users videos through special arrangements made with not so popular artists and major record labels, ensuring that songs can be added to YouTube videos legally. Bands include Evanescence, Finger Eleven, Aretha Franklin and the cranberries in all typical genres of Funk, Goth, HipHop, Jazz, Metal, Country, Rock, Reggae, and Rock.

The Streams feature in the lab allows users to share videos real time with other YouTube users. This is done by creating a YouTube room where users can join, watch videos and interact with each other.

Google has some pretty neat stuff going on here already, and we'll be looking out for further developments in the TestTube for sure!

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