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Skype 3.2 beta incorporates PayPal

Skype PayPal
Skype 3.2 beta is out, with a few new features:
  • Send money with PayPal
  • View your account from within the application
  • Import contacts from more sources
  • Use a video snapshot for your profile
The biggest update is probably the ability to send money to other Skype users through PayPal. Skype can act as a contact list for sending money, a feature PayPal didn't previously have. If you send money to a user with a Skype account, they'll receive a notification in Skype. You'll need to send money to someone who is in a country serviced by PayPal.

Next up, if you wanted to check your SkypeOut, SkypeIn, and other purchase history in the past you had to go to Skype's website. Now you can do that from within the application by clicking the "view account" button.

Another new feature lets you import contacts from Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. Up until now you could only import contacts from Outlook and Outlook Express.

And finally, Skype 3.2 beta lets you snap a photo with a webcam and add it to your profile. Previously you had to use an external application to do this, even though you can use that very same webcam for video chat with Skype.

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