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How tough is it to install Linux, really?

Got Linux? According to some, if you do, and you installed it yourself, you're a superhero. Linux has made incredible strides towards ease of installation over the years (we should know, our team includes early adopters from way back last century) but, still the overwhelming perception is; Linux is the hobbyist OS, something that takes guts, brains and a serious abundance of time to deal with.

Ed Bott, of ZDnet tried his best to take that notion to task in much the same fashion that you might; He spent a weekend configuring a dual boot machine. His experience was less than encouraging. Ed writes of the experience, "I repeated the process after wiping all disks completely and removing all partitions (i.e., making them RAW). No difference. I tried the different installation options on the Suse DVD, including the Safe option. Still no joy."

He gave it his all, a smart guy -- not without experience -- who writes for a widely read tech publication and still he came up short. Not only did he give it a shot, he gave it three. How many of us would do that? We know that Linux can do better, and we've seen it install without a hitch.

Sure, driver issues are always going to be key but, where's the simple and straightforward error messages -- cough, OSX, cough -- which would light the way and show you that, it's not always the distribution's fault your installation failed?

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