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Happy Birthday! Unlimited email storage from Yahoo!

yahoo unlimited email storageWe got the scoop on some very special Yahoo news! Yahoo Mail will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary shortly, and they REALLY want to celebrate. Everyone that has a Yahoo mail account will be offered unlimited email storage starting May 2007, rolling out to all users over a couple of months.

The current version of Yahoo Mail started out in 1997 when they acquired RocketMail and offered users a mere 4MB of email storage. Hmm, what could you fit in there now? Let's just say not much by today's standards. By 2005 the email capacity reached 100MB, then on to 1GB where it sits at today.

Will this groundbreaking new move from Yahoo make a few of the main free email providers like Google and Microsoft wonder how many users will switch over? Imagine never deleting emails again, storing countless mp3's, and data backups all in your Yahoo email account.

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