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Could JotSpot = the GDrive?

jotspot = google gdrive?It would be great if Google had one single location where every service they are offered was centralized, and it appears they're working on one.

After wondering why Google had purchased Jotspot some time ago, GuillaumeB and Google Operating system among others have come to the conclusion that JotSpot could be the start of a home for all of Google's applications and our documents; "The GDrive".

Currently with Jotspot, users can store, share and edit spreadsheets, calendars, files and photos, to-do lists, email lists, and track projects with a project manager. So, in reality it's not that far off from a possible centralized Google GDrive storage area where users could store all of their Google specific spreadsheets, documents, forums, blogs, mail, calendar, and photo galleries in a wiki type format. Could we finally see the GDrive released this year?

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