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Linux MCE looks hot

MythTV, the popular Linux based PVR project, has been around for some time. It's nice, and it functions well, but it's only as functional as Windows Media Center Edition plus, it can be difficult to install and configure. Linux MCE, which wraps MythTV up into a nice package and places it squarely on top of the leading Linux distribution Ubuntu -- may be poised to change some of that.

Take the leap to watch a demonstration of the Linux MCE project running on a home TV, and a comparison to Windows Media Center Edition.

The video is a little like having The Comic Book Guy give the presentation, as he's a little smug about the lameness of Windows Media Center at first. As the presentation wears on however, it's pretty clear why he's so smug.. Linux MCE is hotness. Like, get out the credit card cause we're building an HTPC kind of hotness. Apple's ITV is in for some serious trouble if this is the kind of project the FOSS community can turn out.

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