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Google Fun - Personalized homepage hacks

google easter eggsGoogle recently launched their beautified personalized homepage themes. These themes provide a nice contrast to the once boring whiteness of the traditional Google layout. But lurking deep inside the XML there stands some interesting tidbits. The "Easter Eggs" that Marissa Mayer hinted about not that long ago are scattered about the themes, and appear at certain time specific interval. Two decimal places past Pi (3.14) as a matter of fact, will see a new skin overlay appear at 3:14 AM local time on top of your selected theme, and stay there for one minute.

The XML files for the overlays can be found here, with the time changes noted inside:
For instance, here is a snapshot of good old Nessy:

Who wants to see more Easter Eggs in Google? I do!

[via Tony Ruscoe]

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