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Yahoo announces oneSearch for the mobile web

yahoo onesearch on mobile devicesYahoo is once again directing its talent towards the online search world. This time around they are bringing their oneSearch technology to over one hundred million phones in the U.S.

oneSearch initially launched through Yahoo's successful Go for Mobile 2.0, providing its users an easy way to access and find information as quick as possible, and as of today its available to U.S users. Yahoo oneSearch drops in relevant content alongside search results. For instance, if users search for Pizza in New York, they are send back results for their destination, as well as other category suggestions, Flickr images relating to pizza, as well as pizza related websites, news articles, mobile pizza websites, web images, pizza products, and movies relating to pizza. With this comprehensive list, users are bound to find the content they are after quicker.

The oneSearch offering is currently only available to US users, but will be rolled out in additional countries and languages over the next few months. To use oneSearch on your mobile device, simply visit

Full screen shot of a search result after the jump.

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