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Steekr online storage space

steekr online storageOnline storage spaces are great for backing up music photos, and videos just in-case something horrible happened to your hard drive. We might not recommended storing highly secure stuff online, but online storage space can be a good backup alternative for most items.

There are a lot of offerings online that give secured online storage seekers a place to turn to, like, Xdrive, Divshare, and Dropboks. Steekr, a newcomer to the marketplace has just arrived in beta. The online service provides automatic backup software for Windows and Macs, with a 1GB limit for the initial beta testing period. Files that are stored online can be shared with friends, as well as played and accessed directly through a browser window. If you want to try this space out with a free 1GB trial, enter your email on the homepage for an invite. Look out for mobile data access in Steekr's future.

Steekr's rates range from 5GB for $11US up to 100GB for $37US.

[via webware]

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