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Sign off documents online with OnlineSignOff

online sign offWant to lose the paper trail and numerous steps involved with signing off documents? Try doing it online.

OnlineSignOff aims at taking the hassles of faxing contracts, and worrying about whether all parties have received a copy. By bringing the whole process online, OnlineSignOff hopes for a more straightforward secure solution.

The process is simple:
  1. Start a new document.
  2. Enter Title, Recipients name, email, and company name.
  3. Write, or paste in body details of your Terms and Conditions.
  4. If there is any file attachments required, browse and upload them.
  5. Email to the client
When the client receives the document in their Inbox, they can choose to Decline or Accept the document with comments. The document than gets marked on your end that it has been accepted. The current beta limit is 30 documents per month.

OnlineSignOff is a great way to loose the paper trail, and have all signed off documents stored online. But what happens if OnlineSignOff goes down, or goes belly up? Just make sure you print out all necessary papers on signoff, unfortunately there is no way to export signoffs to any electronic formats. Stay tuned through, it's still in beta.

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