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Link your mobile to your Mac with Glide

turn your cell phone into a macGet ready to glide down the street when you have your Mac documents synced up to your mobile device ready to edit wherever you are.

Glide Sync and Glide Mobile are ready and willing to give Mac users access to view and edit files that are stored on your homebound Mac using phones from Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Motorola, and more.

Glide will automatically sync photos, music, videos, documents, iCal's, Mac Address Book, Safari, Camino and Firefox bookmarks using Glides hosted web service. Users can compose or edit documents, accessing them later on a Mac. Photos can be edited with standard image tools, files can be sent via a .mac email address with no size limits, and supposedly multimedia websites can be created from cell phones.

There are many different Glide plans, from a free account with 1GB of data, to a "Family premium package" with 8GB for $149.95/year.

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