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How to check out deleted YouTube videos

view deleted youtube videos*UPDATE - Calum in the comments has just notified us that this is a potentially not safe for work site. Seems like he got served some porn content. So be wise if you choose to check this site out.

Have you ever wanted to check out a video, or tried to return to a saved video on YouTube only to come across some big red text that reads "This video has been removed". It's a total bummer. Thanks to the recent Viacom DMCA shotgun and following lawsuit, the red text of death is becoming more frequent.

So what can be done if you desperately have to check the videos out? Thanks to some individuals twiddling around in YouTube's backend, we've discovered that YouTube removes the "pointers" to videos, but most of the time it takes quite a while for them to remove the actual FLV file. Needless to say, some people have exploited this hole, and given us the ability to check out lost videos. Delutube, and Deletedyoutube both work the same way, enter the YouTube video ID and watch. The FLV files aren't online for long -- and that lag will probably only get shorter -- so make sure to check them out the instant you find out they've been deleted by YouTube.

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