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Forbes on Vista: "at best, mildly annoying"

Windows Vista is garnering some interesting reviews, but the latest from Forbes' Stephen Manes probably isn't going to get framed on Steve Ballmer's wall anytime soon (that could simply be due to a lack of space though). Stephen chose a fairly transparent title of "Dim Vista" for his review, setting the stage for a long list of usability gripes and tales of staggering un-wow-edness. Stephen finds problems in everything from the Windows Firewall not recognizing when a 3rd party firewall is active, the Control Panel being needlessly redesigned yet again and even WordPad no longer being able to open .DOC Word files. And that's all before he gets to the bugs, quirks and other broken pieces of this nearly 6-year venture.

While Stephen's review doesn't have a happy ending, it could serve as a cautionary tale for anyone still considering a move to Vista. At the very least, Stephen recommends waiting until Service Pack 1, and with the way things are shaping up, we're tending to agree.

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