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Enjoy Pandora while you can, and sign the petition

Pandora is living on borrowed time, and they'd like you to sign this petition. A recent change to the structure of royalty payments for streaming audio broadcasts will surely kill online streaming as we know it, unless something changes, and soon.

Pandora founder Tim Westergren writes, "Internet radio is hostage to a blatantly discriminatory double standard that was written into the federal statute governing webcasting several years ago, following an intensive lobbying effort by the RIAA. We need to redress this, and create a more level playing field - one that of course rewards musicians for their work, and one that also understands the business realities, and benefits of online radio."

As one witty Digg comment put so elegantly, "The best Pandora can come up with is an online petition? Oh s**t we're screwed."

Take a minute to sign the petition at Save The Streams, and let's all cross our fingers in hopes that someone listens and this mess goes away.

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