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Is Twitter toast?

Twitter has been spreading like wildfire of late, and it seems as if everyone from the tech elite to the tech illiterate have signed on to post snippets from places blogging had previously yet to tread. Is Twitter's growth sustainable? Maybe; As the A-list trumpet Twitter's success, web1979 makes a pretty convincing argument for why Twitter isn't going to last the year.

Mat Belez writes, "There is no substance to the house of cards that is Twitter. No deep content, nothing to learn, no reason to keep coming back to the trough, other than the thrill/obsession of pre-adolescent voyeurism - which is simply not reason enough for busy professionals."

Is Twitter a case of becoming web-cool simply because all the cool kids are doing it? Although I've recently succumbed to the Twitter bug, I'm still unsure why I do it. , when an early adopter friend told me about Twitter last summer, my first question was, "Why would you want to do that?"

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