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Download and burn TiVo recordings to Linux

TiVo2DVDIt's kind of funny that Mac and Windows users now both have officially supported programs to download recordings from their TiVo onto their computers, but Linux users don't. Why's that funny? Because TiVo runs on a version of Linux. Go figure.

While TiVo may not have any plans that we're aware of to release an official TiVoToGo client for Linux, there's a new project up on SourceForge called TiVo2DVD.

The command-line program lets you access, format, and burn to DVD programs that are stored on a Series2 TiVo. While a similar command-line program for Mac eventually got a nice update with a pretty GUI, we're not certain the same thing will happen to the Linux version, because you know, it's Linux.

[via TiVo Lovers]

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