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Desktop Tower Defense: Time waster of the day

Time Waster Desktop Tower Defense

Time to protect your desktop, with Desktop Tower Defense! Set up your weapons in a gauntlet formation for your enemies, or creeps as the game calls them, to walk. Pictured above is easy mode, where the creeps walk from the left of the screen to the right. For every creep that makes it through the other side you will loose one life. As time progresses the creeps get more health, so you have to continually upgrade your weapons in order to increase their damage, range and speed (speed is usually decreased as the weapons level increases). If the game is going too slow for you, there is also a "Send next level" button that you can press to immediately send in the next group of creeps.

Once you have mastered easy mode, there are other challenging modes that you can attempt. In these modes, however, there are two streams of creeps coming in; one from the top of the screen, that will go to the bottom, and the same from the left of the screen. No matter where they come from they will always want to go to where they are supposed to go. And the one main rule is that you cannot block any paths. The more creeps you wipe out, the more gold you get, the more you can upgrade your weapons. How many bosses can you kill? I managed to take out the first 3 or 4 of them.

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