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Spice up web analytics with some Basil

basil web analyticsJust when you thought the world of web analytics was a little bland, Basil arrives to spice things up a bit.

Basil takes out the pages of raw web traffic data that we once had to sift through and analyze, and does all the hard work for us. They provide easy to use clean interface design [reminding us of Mint] to make it easier for figuring out what the popular pages of your website are, and what search engine delivers the most traffic to your site.

Basil makes it easy to track the pages and data you want to check out by proving a dashboard of four major topic areas, visitors, pages, referrers, and search engines. Data is compiled in easy to read reports, you can check out a demo on the Basil website.

Basil web analytics is available for $25 U.S. which allows for installing the software on one domain.

[via eHub]

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