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New Google Sidebar and Gadgets for Google Desktop 5

google desktop 5Google has been flogging its developers with wet noodles ramping up development to make your desktop more functional with the release of Google Desktop 5. The team at Google have been busy working on ways to pipe more information through Google gadgets and sidebar elements on desktops.

The biggest noticeable changes are in the gadgets and sidebar elements. They now provide more visually appealing content that is easier to read. Google Desktop shows previews of search results in browsers instead of making users wait for another application to open. On a security note, Google Desktop will also give warnings when users are accessing links from documents, IM's, emails or browsing the web, notifying when sites might be trying to steal your personal information, or trying to install malicious software. Looks wise, the new sidebar samples the color of your desktop wallpaper and blends in so that it's not distractingly sitting out in the open which makes it easier to distinguish between gadgets for faster perusal of information.

Check out the Google Desktop site for downloads and more information on improved content.

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