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My Netscape gets Web 2.0 facelift

The beta release of My.Netscape drops tomorrow as a new, improved personalized start page. The enhanced UI is clean and clutter free with no ads (so far). You have access to almost 100 modules to customize your page, including our very own Download Squad module (shameless plug warning) and you can add your own RSS feeds too. There are however some "not yet's" you might find yourself wishing for, such as:
  • Personalized data from your old My.Netscape account, including your bookmarks (they are presently working on a migration utility).
  • Module developer docs (a development kit is promised soon).
On the whole, My.Netscape is a well-designed start page amongst a field of other well-designed Web 2.0 start pages. Developer documentation will help but, as for now, its functionality isn't nearly as wide ranging as competitors such as Netvibes or Pageflakes. Still, the new My Netscape has the potential to bring an infinitely customize-able start page to a whole new demographic, much as Netscape's social news site launch pushed that concept to an untapped audience.

[Thanks Jordan]

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