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Couchville does TV listings right

Snapstream Media, the company behind the PVR software BeyondTV, has launched a new TV listing website called Couchville. It's not as flashy as some other Web 2.0 TV guides like MeeVee, but what Couchville does, it does very well.

The main thing that sets Couchville apart from other sites like or Zap2it is that it has a web 2.0, AJAX feel to it. Instead of clicking on a "next page" button and waiting for a page refresh to get new listings, Couchville lets you drag the guide with your mouse much the way you navigate Google Maps.

Clicking on a listing brings up information about the series, episode, and upcoming episodes. Snapstream has also integrated BeyondTV Buzz, which lets you see what BeyondTV users have recorded over the last week as well as their top scheduled upcoming recordings. Eventually Snapstream plans to allow BeyondTV users to schedule recordings through Couchville, but the website is meant to appeal to a wider audience than BeyondTV users.

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