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Tumblr introduces feed importing

We're becoming big fans of Tumblr here at DLS headquarters, and the 'blogging scrapbook' service just introduced a new feed importing feature that makes it an even more appealing tool. A new option in the settings area allows users to add multiple feeds from their other blogs, with the ability to aggregate your other content as regular posts, photos (say, from a Flickr feed) or mere referential links. Combine this feature with Tumblr's option to publish under a custom domain name, and you have one powerful über-blogging service that could even trump Yahoo!'s Pipes in terms of making it easy to aggregate yourself on the web. This way, you get a live HTTP page, as well as an RSS feed, of everything you're publishing.

Setup is dead-simple, and feed aggregation kicks into gear almost immediately. While there is certainly the potential here for this to be abused (as in Tumblr users aggregating and re-publishing content they don't have the rights to), we aren't too worried about it. All in all, this looks like a great new feature to one of the more unique publishing services to arise out of this whole blogging movement.

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