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DOSBox 0.70 released

DOSBox Sam and Max
The fine folks working on the DOSBox cross-platform DOS emulator have released version 0.70. While DOSBox was already pretty capable of running many early PC programs including games like Sam & Max (pictured above running in DOSBox), there's a whole host of updates.
  • Faster dynamic CPU core, which means some games run much faster
  • Better and more configurable joystick support
  • Improve the image and fat drives
  • Added null-modem emulation
  • Improved CD-ROM detection and support
  • Faster screen drawing code
  • Support for multiple keyboard layouts
  • Dynamic core should work on Intel Macs
If you don't still have a pile of old DOS games lying around, check out Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon which runs great in DOSBox and is available for free. Of course you could also run that old copy of Word for DOS you've got lying around, but what fun would that be?

[via Hackszine]

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