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Catch feeds on your mobile device with Netvibes Mobile

Everyone has been trying out Netvibes new mobile service that was just dropped, so I thought I would give it a go and see what all the hype was about; I was surprised at the results.

Netvibes, as you probably know, is an Ajax start page that allows you to plug in feeds and modules to import all of you important information, and have it all right in front of you without switching between different browser screens. The new mobile service allows users to grab their most important information and read it on their mobile device.

To start, simply log into your Netvibes account and create a new tab called Mobile. Pick your feeds and modules to be listed on your mobile device, the same way you would enter it into your Netvibes startup screen. If you're choosing to add password services into your Mobile area, ensure that you enter your passwords for each. If you aren't down with reading feeds on your mobile device, you might want to try making something different out of your Netvibes mobile. Try using the To Do List, Webnote and Calendar modules to make for a productive online reminder system.

After everything is setup online, visit from your mobile browser, Netvibes will then pick up all of the items sitting on your "Mobile" tab displaying it in a plain text format. Setting it up this way enables you to not only save time by visiting one simple location to read feeds, but it saves you data charges by bringing in only the content you want in a plain text format. Modules you can add into your mobile feed include embedding Google Calendar, Gmail, Digg, Image search, POP mail, Flickr,, and weather.

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