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Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo: an intern's view

Intern view chart
Ever wonder what it's like to work at Microsoft, Yahoo!, or Google? No, not the perks, salaries, or hours, but the good stuff, like who throws the most parties, or gives away the most junk like T-shirts?

A former Microsoft and Google intern who now works at Yahoo! has written up a summary of his experiences with each company. The low-down? Yahoo! has too much bureaucracy, Google has the best food. At Microsoft, every employee has their own office but, Bill Gates has a worn-out pair of shoes, just like anybody else.

The most solid revelation in the article, however, is this bit of sage advice for the job candidate: "Apparently the answer to 'Can you tell me what was the most difficult bug you faced while programming and what you did to resolve it?' isn't 'My programs don't have bugs.'"

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