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Google takes aim, fires at Microsoft Office

Google just launched Google Apps Premier, a suite of subscription based business applications taking direct aim at Microsoft's business owner market share. They have already signed up mega corporation Proctor and Gamble Global Business Service as a charter member and more are expected to follow suit. The service is $50 per user account per year (free for trial until April 30th), and includes phone support, additional storage, and a new set of administration and business integration capabilities. The premier edition will include the standard features of Google Apps including GMail, Google Calendar, Google Talk and IM. Another goodie Google announced today, is the inclusion of Google Docs and Spreadsheets in both packages. You can see how the two packages compare by clicking here.

We want to know, where's the presentation software? If you're going head to head with the Microsoft behemoth, PowerPoint is surely a must have in the corporate world.

Naturally, this announcement has generated the usual grumblings of Google hegemony and security concerns, issues raised by people concerned that Google is set to take over the world. These concerns will continue to be scrutinized in the months to come as the innovative Google extends its never ending reach into our personal and work lives. Office isn't mortally wounded however, we can only imagine that some execu-drones in Redmond will be having a 2 Maalox lunch this afternoon. We'll have more to say on how today's announcement squares with Microsoft Office, so stay tuned.

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