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Convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets

Amnesty Generator is a free app which converts web widgets from Google, PicGames, SpringWidgets, Grazr, and You Tube into Vista Sidebar gadgets. Whoa, rewind, what? That's right, convert Google widgets into Vista Sidebar Gadgets. Where do I sign? You may remember that we covered this last year for Google Gadgets in the OS X dashboard, but alas it is in fact available for both OS X and Vista.

Amnesty makes the process very quick, but beware that most Google gadgets are huge and don't make great gadgets for reasons of size. I suggest resizing your widget on the "Add to your page" config page. You can change the border, the width and height, as if you were going to put it on your own site. It helps to play around with sizes a bit to get the optimum size for a sidebar gadget. Once you are happy, simply click the "get the Code" button on the Google config page and paste the code into Amnesty.
Amnesty will automatically pick up the dimensions and title of the widget code, but you can change them before clicking generate if you like. You can also add an icon image to display in the gadgets panel. Once you hit generate, the gadget will be in your Vista panel of gadgets. Simply drag and drop like any other gadget to add it to the sidebar.
I found that many created gadgets still end up being in the way on the sidebar, so I right-clicked on the gadget's handle and selected "detach from sidebar" to make the gadget float over my desktop. The Yahoo Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator) does a better job of this with it's mock-expose interface, but then again you can't very well add Google gadgets to it either.

Take it or leave it, some gadgets don't work as well as others, but it is nice to know it is possible. This is something that I will be playing with more in coming days.

Thanks to Joe from for leading us to this app. Joe has a great start on some tips to create your own gadgets, so check it out if you get a chance.

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