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Anyone have Vista running?

Windows Vista
Are you running Vista? Which version are you running? Do you like it? I just bought a new PC with Vista pre-loaded, and it's nice. It's not completely perfect but, not completely sucky either, which in my mind computes to "just right."

For anyone who doesn't yet have Vista, but want to know about the ins and outs, there are a lot of new features, yet not a ton of truly "new" features. In an attempt to find out what Vista works like and plays like, I will be writing a bunch of Vista-related stuff over the coming weeks.

There are more improved features in Vista than new. The good news is that many of the "new" features are old ideas, finally done well.

So far, a few of my favorites:
  • The death of the full blown, multi-level hierarchical start menu in favor of the one-paned integrated menu and search feature. Slick.
  • The unabashed slaying of the age old "My" folders. No more nonsense. I love the new structure, which features a Users folder, then has documents, videos, pictures in sub folders, which seems closer to the way a human sees anyway.
  • Window Switcher is dead-sexy (also called Flip3D). I will be wearing out this feature in coming days.
  • I love the new very "mac-like" sidebar (taskbar) on all windows that make everything you do easy, seeing the directory structure you are working with in an easy to use format and location. It makes everything easier.
What are your favorite Vista features? Do you think the new-hotness outweighs the cost and time involved with upgrading? Did Vista rescue your cat from a very tall tree? Let us know!

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