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Social voting with Dell Ideastorm

dell ideastormThe social voting scene has been a proven winner with Digg starting it all off, and many other websites entering the mix. With Microsoft recently jumping on it as well with sites focusing on Norwegian and Belgian content, could there be a new shift towards social voting sites built by market leading companies? It appears Dell thinks so.

Dell recently launched their Ideastorm site. The website allows users to post new product or service ideas for Dell. Users vote, or promote in this case, the interesting ideas that they would like Dell to investigate further. Comments and ideas can be dropped on the posts and a discussion can take place. Later resulting in Dell planning out a delivery of the results from suggestions.

Social voting is an emerging way to offer feedback. It can be tiresome to write long letters of suggestions and feedback to a company when you find yourself dissatisfied with a product or service they offer. Scanning a list and voting or commenting on issues which have already been identified by others is a new and interesting way to improve customer communication. Do DLS readers think this could improve Dell's lingering customer support issues?

[via techcrunch]

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