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How to create Office Docs on a Windows Mobile smartphone

Office Mobile docsOkay, this is kind of lame. So Microsoft finally goes and puts a version of Office Mobile in the smartphone version of Windows Mobile 6 (now known as Windows Mobile 6 Standard). But for some reason, they've decided not to let you create new documents. You can only view and edit existing Word and Excel files.

Luckily Mike Temporale of Smartphone Thoughts has come up with a simple solution.
  1. Using MS Office 2003 or earlier, create blank Word and Excel documents.
  2. Save them to your desktop.
  3. Change the names to something like "New Word Doc," and "New Excel Doc."
  4. Right click on the files, select properties, and check the "read only" box.
  5. Copy these files to the /My Documents folder on your smartphone.
  6. Now when you launch Word or Excel mobile, you can select the blank documents from the open menu, edit them, and save them as new files.
You can perform this workaround in just a few minutes, and the solution takes up only about 42KB of storage on your device.

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