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How Sergey Brin changed the world

sergey brin googleIt's always interesting to take a dive into the lives of successful web based entrepreneurs to see what made them, and what their lives are like. Of course the guys behind Google are no exception. Larry and Sergey went from Stanford Ph.D. dropouts with an idea in a garage and went on to form a multi-billion dollar search company. If you are into Google and Entrepreneur life, you might be interested in spending a few minutes reading through Mark Malseed's report on the life of Sergey Brin.

Mark mentions interesting facts from how Sergey and Larry share an office in a far corner away from the public eye in the Googleplex like they did back in the garage days. He describes the office environment and how it resembles a large adult play area with the latest tech devices and comfortable seating arrangements scattered about. (but of course we knew that.)

Mark also had the chance to sit down with Sergey's parents in the suburbs of Washington DC to talk with his Father, a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland, and his Mother a research scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Both of his parents still cannot believe the success that Google has achieved, and how many people it has helped by saving large amounts of time and energy. Mr. and Mrs. Brin take readers on a tour of Sergey's childhood, and how this lead to co-founding a web based company that changed the world forever.

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