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Access shows off successor to PalmOS at 3GSM


The company formerly known as PalmSource (now ACCESS), showed off version 1.0 of its new ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) operating system at this week's 3GSM event in Barcelona. ACCESS has also begun distributing the product development kit to licensees, meaning that mobile phones running the new OS are one step closer to a reality.

While ALP is a Linux-based OS, representing a complete break from earlier versions of PalmOS, users will be able to run Palm software via a compatibility layer known as ALP ACCESS Garnet VM. This means you can upgrade to a newer device without fear of losing access to the thousands of free and commercial programs available for PalmOS.

In addition, ALP includes native applications such as phone, contact, calender, memo, email, web browser, SMS, music, video, photo, camera, and office document software.

ALP will run on smartphones with a Marvell PX3xx processor or Texas OMAP processors.

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