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YouTube Mobile site coming soon? Some evidence

youtube mobiel togoWith the recent news of YouTube teaming up with Nokia and Vodafone to provide videos on mobile devices, I started to do some amateur digging. I started to URL surf on YouTube's site to see if I could come up with any clues on the new mobile service that was mentioned in Nokia's press release. That brought me to, which directed me to a page that was "not available", but did display a YouTube Mobile logo. So, needless to say, YouTube Mobile is in the works, but what it's going to look like and act like is a different story. We know it's going to be aimed at mobile devices, so content will most likely be stripped down, and sizes adjusted to fit smaller screens. Could it be similar to Nokia and Vodafone's online services where a user can upload, share and view directly to a special account? Maybe it's just a stripped down basic site? From the current, non-existent site, It looks like certain outside IP's might be banned from viewing the content while the team at YouTube builds and works out the bugs. If you have any news on this, or want to drop a comment on what you think the YouTube Mobile ToGo service could look like, we'd like to start dreaming.

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