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Update Notifier - Firefox Add-on of the Day

Firefox Add-on Update NotifierI don't know about you, but I have quite a few Firefox extensions. Every once in a while I would have to go into the add-on menu and hit that update button and then restart Firefox if there were any new updates. This "every once in a while" was not a routine check. I really just did it when I installed a new extension. Leaving me blind to any possible updates that could make my extensions run better, or even new features. All of this is taken care of with Update Notifier.

I can foresee the comments now: "Lazy!" or "Just use the built-in update feature". I know, I know, this may seem like a copy of the way Firefox does things, but this is actually a very helpful, and more customizable extension. So why not just let Firefox check the Mozilla add-on site for any updates? Because of the customizations that you can do with this extension. The most useful feature to some of you out there is that you are able to customize when and how often Firefox checks for updates. You can have it check for updates each time Firefox opens and/or every 6/12/24/48 hours. So, instead of adding time to Firefox's startup, it can check while you are browsing (just be sure to disable Firefox's auto update feature: Tools > Options > Advanced > Update and uncheck everything). Then, another features of Update Notifier is that you can have a prompt pop up and ask you if you would like to restart Firefox or not. Which will give you the option of using the new updated features of your extension as soon as possible.

Also, I can't keep on top of all of the Firefox add-ons out there. I need your help! Please shoot me your suggestions to other great Firefox add-ons in the comments below. Be sure to leave your website/blog info for a link-back if your suggestion makes it to the Download Squad's main page!

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