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Super Mario Bros 3: Crazy Firefox theme of the day

Super Mario Bros 3 Firefox ThemeWhen it comes to Firefox themes it can be hit or miss, but this one takes the cake. This Super Mario Brothers 3 theme is very detailed, taking a little bit of everything that is familiar from your favorite Mario games.

Normally I don't really like tinkering with my theme, because the colors are such a stark contrast to the web page you are viewing and the buttons are usually some crazy weird new symbol that will take you some getting use to. But this theme has a light color to it, so navigating around the web is easier on the eyes.

This theme has all of the pull-down menus and pop-up menus changed to match the idea behind the Super Mario Brother games. My favorite part about this theme is that all of the slide bars are warp pipes. And then, once you get your theme installed and set, you gotta play the flash Super Mario Brothers game!

[Thanks Joe]

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